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We enable the next generation of precision medicine

ProteinQure is a biotech company focused on the design of novel exotic peptides with broad therapeutic applications.

To achieve this goal, we enable the most important new therapeutic classes by allowing therapies to be delivered in a tissue-and cell-specific manner. We use the most advanced computational tools to create novel non-viral delivery methods for the most challenging diseases.

Leveraging the unparalleled computational and predictive power of ProteinStudio™ and a deep understanding of protein structures, the company is focused on creating highly targeted, effective treatments with the potential to transform patient care and outcomes.

Dare to deliver

Our Platform

ProteinStudio™: The best computational platform for The design of de-novo peptides

We have developed ProteinStudio™ an integrated platform of proprietary technologies to solve complex drug design challenges involving peptides and proteins. Platform validation has been proven both in vitro and in vivo through external Tier 1 pharma partnerships and the development of an internal pipeline of maturing assets for tissue-specific delivery.

ProteinStudio™ harnesses molecular simulations and custom AI models on petascale supercomputers, enabling the creation of unique molecular scaffolds. Our platform seamlessly incorporates thousands of non-natural amino acids and combined with high-quality assays performed in our in-house lab, we can now design unprecedented drug-like peptides with small amounts of data.

to Deliver

Tissue-specific delivery peptides

Our proprietary peptides can be used to deliver a variety of therapeutic payloads intracellularly via receptor mediated endocytosis.

By precisely targeting specific tissues, our computationally designed peptides optimize therapeutic efficacy and minimize side effects, setting new standards in precision medicine and transforming treatment approaches.


Sortilin [SORT1] Delivery System

Using ProteinStudio™, our proprietary technology for computational peptide design, we developed high-affinity SORT1-targeting peptides.

We are developing this system to carry and release various therapeutic payloads, including cytotoxic agents, radioisotopes, and oligonucleotides.

Peptide Advantages
advantage #1

Tissue specificity and penetration

By choosing tissue-specific surface targets which undergo internalization, we ensure that the therapeutic payload is going to the disease-inducing cells. The small size of peptides further enhances tissue penetration.
advantage #2

Redosable and tolerable

Peptides can be computationally engineered to be non-immunogenic by design and we can also achieve an unprecedented range of pharmacokinetic properties.
advantage #3

Flexible building blocks

Novel chemistries with non-natural building blocks allow for a wide range of conjugations which can succeed in many routes of administration. Cyclizations, staples and other modifications are easily incorporated into peptide designs.
The combination of designed peptide libraries, based on ProteinQure's computation methods, with our advanced capabilities in display technologies will help us harness the potential of this therapeutic class.
Tristan Vaughan
VP of Antibody Discovery &Protein Engineering, AstraZeneca
Picture CreditPic: Sphere Fluidics Limited
The success of this unique peptide drug conjugate in diverse patient-derived mouse models is a testament to the potential of combining advanced computational techniques, precision oncology, and our labs' robust preclinical platform.
Dr. David Cescon
Medical Oncologist and Clinician Scientist at the UHN Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Picture CreditPic: CCTG