Capabilities Spanning Discovery to Clinical Development

Leveraging our proprietary computational peptide discovery technology [ProteinStudio™] we have developed the leading system for the design and delivery of peptides and peptide-drug conjugates.

We are advancing a pipeline of both internal and partnered drug discovery projects. Our goal is clear; to discover and develop novel medicines that will significantly improve patient outcomes.


A Robust Pipeline of Novel Therapeutics Addressing High Unmet Medical Need

Lead Optimization
Oncology Solid Tumours: PDC
Oncology Solid Tumours: Diagnostic
CSN (Undisclosed): siRNA Conjugate
Kidney Undisclosed: siRNA Conjugate


Sortilin [SORT1] Delivery System [SORT1-Shuttle™]

We have discovered and developed high-affinity peptides targeting the cell surface receptor SORT1. Peptide engagement of SORT1 efficiently internalizes the peptide-receptor complex which is subsequently targeted to the endosomal compartment for cargo release.

These SORT1 engaging peptides serve as a platform for cargo delivery via conjugation of the peptides to therapeutic modalities including cytotoxic agents, oligonucleotides, and radioisotopes.

Aggressive growth of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) tumors in the absence of drug treatment in a mouse model of human disease.
Marginal inhibition of TNBC tumors using current standard of care (antibody drug conjugate) in a mouse model of human disease.
Potent inhibition of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) tumor growth by ProteinQure clinical candidate PQ203 (peptide drug conjugate) in a mouse model of human disease.

Let’s work together

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Breast Cancer

A Unique Platform for Therapeutic Development in Multiple Disease Areas

We are currently exploiting the SORT1-Shuttle™ delivery system to develop therapeutics targeting the most lethal type of breast cancer - triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) in collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. David Cescon at UHN Princess Margaret Cancer Center.

Our lead asset has exhibited robust efficacy in a breadth of in vivo TNBC models and we are now advancing this program through IND enablement studies.


Partner With Us

We are also exploring a breadth of additional opportunities to design peptide-based delivery therapeutics targeting cell surface targets with tissue and cell type specificity. We are open to working with collaborators interested in delivery to tissues where we’ve already identified receptors amenable to our discovery process.

Current focus include kidney, pancreas, cardiomyocytes, and select immune cell lineages.