Collaborating with ProteinQure

Peptide ligand discovery powered by ProteinQure.

We collaborate to enhance ligand discovery using our computational peptide design platform, ProteinStudio™. This platform is built on state-of-the-art biophysical simulations and machine learning tailored to support thousands of non-natural amino acids and peptide property prediction. All our partnerships are centered around one or more primary approaches to peptide drug design:

Lead Optimization

Enhance the therapeutic potential of peptides and proteins with our specialized lead optimization techniques, ensuring stability, activity, and targeted delivery in your drug discovery efforts.

AI-Guided Library Design

We design synthetic peptide libraries (10^6 to 10^12) with high-stability scaffolds, variable size (10-30 amino acids), and enhanced drug-like properties (linear, cyclic, serum-stable, soluble, other).

De Novo Peptide Design

ProteinStudio™ enables us to design natural or synthetic protein ligands with unprecedented drug-like properties including efficacy, selectivity, solubility, and stability. Novel de novo ligands can be designed even in cases with no known hits.

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We are always looking for visionary partners, especially those focused on peptide therapeutics and peptide-based drug delivery. Let’s collaborate to accelerate innovative treatments. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please reach out at: